Saturday, June 24, 2017

Church Picnic

From Achan:

Dear Friends,
I once again welcome you to our parish picnic. (Today June 24, 10.30am to 4pm)
We have Mass, Novena and Benediction at 9am.

Those who bring breakfast may arrive before 11.30am. Once the dishes are empty, please remove them into your vehicles.

Please do not let the kids wander into the woods as there could be animal ticks which are infectious.

Let's all be in one place the whole time and kindly do not gather as small groups throughout the church grounds.

An expected contribution to defray the costs is $20 per family, and $10 per person.

Also please do not conduct any type of fundraising during the picnic. If any one has an idea about fundraising for charity, please let me know, we can support you on another occasion.

We have a huge tent set up for our comfort. Rain ☔️ is already over, I think. So, if you are in town, get out and enjoy the day!

I take this opportunity to thank and appreciate our 4 trustees, the Co-chairs: Thomas Chacko and Liju JOSEPH and all youth and adult volunteers who worked very hard for many days to get this done and also will be serving us today.
Have a lots thanks fun.

PS: Tug of war will be conducted before lunch.

Have a safe and great day!

Your in Jesus,
Thadeus Achan
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