Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2018 Sunday Lunch Program- Payments starting from Jan 7, 2018.

Hi Parishioners,

We are continuing to offer Sunday Lunch for Parishioners in 2018. The cost of participating the program will be $375 per family. For CCD Families who are not participating the program must pay $60 per child (mandatory, no exception) towards food and other related expenses in 2018.

This is a continuation of the last years program and who are interested to stay this year, please pay by Jan 21, 2018. New members can join the program by paying the amount by the date. Please note that this program runs on CCD days and will start from Sunday, Jan 7,2018.

Please see the Method of Payment and select one convenient for you.

Please note that no Sunday Lunch expenses collected at the time of CCD Registration in 2017. Please contact any trustees with question or email us to at trustee@syromalabarrockland.org for more information.

With Prayers