Saturday, January 13, 2018

Sunday Lunch Program 2018- CCD Children's sign up and Payment Reminder

Hi Parishioners,

During the CCD Class tomorrow, Children will be asking about the option to choose one of the foods items for the Sunday Lunch. They can choose either Pizza or Rice and Curry for the whole year. All the children have to choose either one item for the year 2018.  Please instruct your children to choose one of the foods items for the Sunday Lunch. This will help us to place order according to children's choice.

Please note that the Sunday Lunch money collection started already and all are requested to pay by Jan 21, 2018. The participating families need to pay $375 for the whole year. There is no additional payments required for children if a family decided to participate in the Sunday Lunch by paying $375 before Jan 21, 2018.

If a family decided not to participate in the regular Sunday Lunch but their Children attending CCD Classes, must need to pay $60 per child towards the cost of Sunday Lunch for the year 2018.  Please note that no Sunday food expenses collected at the time of CCD Registration in 2017 and will not be any additional collection of lunch money at the time of CCD registration in Sept 2018.

If you would like to volunteer for Sunday Lunch or having any questions regarding the program, please contact any Trustees. Please see the attached details for the payments .