Thursday, February 22, 2018

Galatians 1:3- Please do not send any iTunes cards to the wrong email address that came in my name.

Dear friends,

Some one is trying to use my name and collect money.

Email you got about sending me scratched/opened iTunes cards worth $200 is a FAKE - SCAM. Please do not send anything.

I will not ever solicit over the email or any other medium like whats app. In that case I will call the trustees first before sending any message of this kind to you in the most unavoidable situations; may be 01% chance.

Please note that the email you got in my name was newly created email with an additional 'a' that is- whereas my email address is
That means, my contacts were hacked or stolen and the person did this very cleverly.

Sorry about the confusion and any damages.

In all my mails in the future when I sign below you will see  the line Romans 8:28 as a security code. And will have the subject in the subject area on the top starting with the line Galatians 1:3; another security code.

Fr T
Romas 8:28