Saturday, May 11, 2019

Mother’s Day Mass at 4.30pm and Dinner thereafter.

Dear members of Holy Family Church,

I joyfully invite all of you to the special Mass presided over by our Bishop Jacob Angadiath at 4.30pm tomorrow, Sun, May 12 to celebrate Mother's Day and for offering of our Church Fund pledges.
The Qurbana will be offered in thanksgiving for your sacrifices towards our church purchase.

We have changed the CCD/Mass times only for this weekend and it is for the convenience of our Bishop.

Please bring your kids for CCD at 3.30pm.

Kindly fill in and bring your pledge card to church.
Each family please come up to the altar with the pledge card after the Sermon.
Our Bishop will receive it from you personally and bless each of you individually.

Extra pledge cards/envelopes and pens will be available at the church entrance if you need them.

All those who have made promises to donate towards the down payment for our church may bring those checks up to the altar along with the pledge cards.

There will be a special blessing and gifts for all mothers and grandmothers after Mass.

The bishop will also give a special blessing to all children who will next weekend receive their First Communion and Confirmation.

Please join our Bishop and priests for dinner after Holy Qurbana in the social hall.
Let's celebrate our mother's love by sharing food with them or in their remembrance on this important Sunday. Bishop Jacob will be available in the social hall during and after dinner if any one wishes to talk to him.

All mothers who have gone to the Lord before us may Rest In Peace!

Thank you for your prayers and kind cooperation. 🙏

Much love from your Vicar,
Thadeus Achan

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