Saturday, June 23, 2018


In case the weather strikes bad and in worst case scenario, we will move into the social hall.
Fr T

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Picnic: It won’t rain until 2pm

Dear Friends in Jesus,
Today, our picnic starts with breakfast at 10.00am, after Mass.

Do not worry too much about the weather forecast. Rain or shine, it's our big day, Parish family outing, first thing in this summer.

It may shower after 2pm; if so, let our kids enjoy the rain and play in it, a rear opportunity to enjoy the Kerala/like monsoon that we all miss so much!

Last night so many of our volunteers from both parishes did work hard to prepare food and for all other arrangements in detail.

Also a surprise Thattu-Kada is also being set up!

Sports and games team is all ready and kids will play and compete on group basis. Adults will have lots of chances to have fun!

If you want to sit and play cards, a big 20/40 tent has been pitched.

Come and join and have the faith that the Lord will provide us with a fun day to reward all our good efforts in further building up our Parish family.

Please pray a Hail Mary for good weather.

Much love,
Fr T

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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Just landed at JFK

I am back from my vacation.
See you soon.
Welcome all to the Parish Picnic on this Saturday!
Much love,
Fr T

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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Annual Church Picnic- Saturday June 23rd, 2018

All Parishioners!

We would like to invite you and your family for our Annual Parish Picnic on Saturday June 23rd 2018 after the 9 am mass.

Please try to bring one of your favorite dishes for breakfast to share with others before 11am.

Please note that this event will be a RAIN or SHINE!

We have different activities and games for kids, youth, adults, and senior citizens respectively. Children's are encouraged to wear picnic group colour clothes (Blue, Green, Red & Yellow). Please see the attached for the Team List. If any name missing in the list, please report to the Picnic Coordinators at the time of the event.

The registration fees for the Church Picnic will be $30 per family & $10 for individual. Please include your church Env # with the payment for easy registration.

There will be bouncy houses for children from 11am to 2am.

Volunteers are needed on Friday evening (June 22)to help set up for the picnic.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation. 

With Prayers, 

Fr.T,Trustees & Picnic Committee

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Church Picnic, Next Saturday June 23.

Hi Parishioners,
Our Parish Picnic will be conduced on next Saturday, June 23- 
10.30am to 4.00pm. Venue: Church grounds.

New to this year, there will be Bouncy House for children from 11AM to 2 PM.

On behalf of St Mary's Church, we are inviting all  Parishioners to this he event. 
Please see the attached flyer for Details.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

No Sunday Lunch from tomorrow onwards-Summer Break

Hi Sunday Lunch Participants,

Just a reminder that Sunday Lunch will not be served from tomorrow, until 1st Day of  next CCD year(Sept 16,2018).

Thank you,


Friday, June 1, 2018

Today - Adoration after Mass 5.30pm to 10pm

St. Mary's SM parishioners,
Please see down below this mail the way we do Adoration tonight.

FYI - personal note:
I am traveling to Tampa FL for Deacon Rajeev's priestly Ordination in the afternoon.
I will be back by Saturday night.

From Monday, June 4 to Thursday June 21, I will be on vacation.

During that time I will make personal pilgrimages to Lourdes, Fatima and Assisi. My prayers will be with you all.
Please pray for me too.

Thadeus Achan
Adoration Tonight will be coordinated by THOMAS George.
Mass and Message: Rev Fr Abraham Vallayil CMI